Sunday, 26 May 2013

A postcard from Ukraine

I got this postcard from Ukraine
it looks like some angels standing outside a church in a full moon night
and the angel standing at the front seems to be holding some cups or trophy things

and it says on the back
"The Angels of the St. Isaac's Cathedral Colonnade"

so I google-mapped it and saw the cathedral
it's actually in Saint-Petersburg of Russia instead of Ukraine
and it follows that it's actually an orthodox cathedral instead of a catholic one
(indeed it's the biggest orthodox cathedral in the whole Saint-Petersburg)
photo from google map
that is a scene you can never see in hong kong
such blue and wide and clear sky
and those winter bare trees with snow on branches
but the yellow architecture on the right actually reminds me of christ the king chapel of st. paul's convent
coz it has these yellow walls and columns and dome things
but then i search for the inside of this St. Isaac Cathedral's insde
it's another thing and omg it's so so so so so beautiful
photo from internet

the angels on the postcard stand on the right hand top of the cathedral in the photo
in hong kong churches are all surrounded by skyscrapers
but here the angels seem to overlook the whole town
and wherever you are, when you look up you'll see the angels watching you
then you'll behave better and when you got bullied you'll know the angels see it and know it
(i just imagine :P, perhaps not really like this)

the church was built in memory of a saint called Isaac of Dalmatic
he's actually quite an early man
so early his wiki page mentions arianism and nicene

i just wish someday i can come here

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