Saturday, 1 June 2013

how i style my new headband

I like wearing headbands coz i have millions pieces of baby hair standing straight up
recently i got this pink floral chained braided headband from forever 21
and this has become my go-to hair accessory
because it looks so summery and fun
and it keeps my hair out of my face

this is one of the most typical summer hair-dos
all i did was first tie a high ponytail
then normal braid it (next time i shall try to fishtail braid it)
then wrap it up into a high bun with some hair pins or another plastic band
then put the headband on

one thing i like to do with this hairdo is to create some volume on the crown
then when you put the headband on it looks more puffy
instead of pulling it too tight and making it sleek which i thinks look a bit too formal
well.. unfortunately i didnt do well enough in here

(and the ear rings are from forever 21 as well :P)

the second hairdo i did with the headband is this
its very simple all i did was to spend some time teasing my crown to create volume
since i usually part my hair in the middle, and my hair's quite stubborn about it
it took me another couple of minutes to make it look like this

one thing i did on both days was to keep my top plain and simple
coz i dun want to have too many different patterns on me at a time
on the first day it was a one piece dress with a piece of floral fabric at the bottom
and on the second day i had a white t-shirt and a floral skirt

i shall just keep practising :D

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