Sunday, 19 May 2013


from google map

this is my jogging path today:
from aberdeen promenade to wong chuk hang recreation ground
i started at around 21:45 and it took around half an hour
(i had to run slowly because i just ate at 9)
it was kind of horrible in the industrial area at night when only few people are there
imagine this at around 22:00, image from google map
it's like some gun games like cs or battlefield or bioharzard or rainbow 6 in which the girls with long braided hair, in tight tank tops, shorts, and small flat black bags tied on the body have to run around
and i was then being one of those cool girls B-)  (except im much less cool)

after i reached the recreation ground i jogged around the football courts there
there was one car park thing at a corner
from google map
during my last lap around the courts, i peeped inside this car park and saw a little kitten
it was so cute i stopped to gaze
then a big dog inside started to bark
so i walked away quickly

my opinion is
though being a battlefield girl was exciting
either i'll run this path again with company
or i'll do it earlier in time

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