Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ocean Park Polar Adventure Postcards/ high bun

Although it was raining cats and dogs and I had no umbrella
Although I only squeezed out a very short time to rush to the post office
Although I was carrying real heavy things, 
wanted to die to escape my severe headache and menstruation pain
I managed to get to a post office somehow
posted my beautifully decorated postcards
and bought these

and everything was worth ;')

I know I sound crazy
but it's actually normal for anyone who loves Ocean Park and animals and postcards like me

Whoever receive these babies with so much love of mine are blessed

and oh. my. gosh.
yesterday I said "koala datestamp", it was a silly mistake
it's actually a koala cachet
a cachet is a chop that doesnt seal the stamps
and you can chop as much as you want
and this koala cachet, I promise, is REAL CUTE
I've sent one for my friend, one for my boyfriend, one for my sis, and one for myself
I got cute "My Pet and I" stamps for them and I'm sure theirs are gonna be real cute with
koala cachet + pet stamp + kangaroo postmark
and I'm really jealous because I got myself the chinese new year dragon stamp
and can you imagine how strange it's gonna be ._.

photo from DulceCandy87's facebook page

the second thing i want to talk about is my hair today
I love Dulce Candy's high bun as much as she herself loves it
so I recreated it for myself today and I think I was pretty successful
just that my head aches too much today I had to undo it as soon as I got home
so I couldnt take a record of it
hoping that I will be equally successful next time I try it

Dulce Candy is actually one of my favourite beauty gurus on youtube
mostly because while many people only look for beauty in tall pale girls
she proves that petite girls with beige skin can stun
and her beauty tips are especially helpful for other petite beige girls like me

seriously, who doesnt love a high bun?

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