Monday, 13 May 2013

Royal milk coffee & SpongeBob Jelly Gum


Went to McDonald and tried this one
I think I was mostly attracted by its minty/baby blue poster
(I cant find the poster any where on the internet so just print screen the mccafe's website)
with those crowns and lace it was very visually appealing

As for the taste, I'm not a coffee expert and I'm not pretending to be one
to me it was quite nice but usually i prefer something with heavier proportion of milk and less coffee
this one is not as milky as latte or flat white, and my stomach's not really good enough for this
but, i really like the crown topping and i may actually go get my second cup just for it despite my stomach's protest

SpongeBob SquarePants Jelly Gum

I found this in a candy shop and i had to get this
i just love this freaking cute sponge guy

they actually have green ones with another pose of spongebob
but i especially like him with this facial expression
he is just so cute with his big bright watery eyes

and when i open it, the candies inside are like tttttttttthese
can you believe this LOL

well, just in case any one wonders
the candies actually smell and taste like this toothpaste 

though it says on the packaging that it has natural favours and natural colours
i guess you'd better not eat too much coz, after i took the photo with the candies on a tissue paper
the places where they lay were left yellow
i mean, if you eat too much all your gut will be dyed yellow
and that's kinda horrible

and, help, my fingers have been smelling like colgate for hours now ._.
how am i ever gonna get rid of that

I'm weeping now cause the lovely weekend has passed
and it's gonna be Monday once I open my eyes in a few hours
but the good news is that it's gonna be a short week cause
thanks to Siddhartha Gautama for establishing the Buddhism faith,
it's gonna be Buddha's birthday on Friday, 
and here in Hong Kong it's a public holiday


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