Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monster University

I have been looking so forward to Monster University not because I'm a fan of Monster Inc. but that one of the students I tutor has been urging me to take her to see it since January (though at last she went with her classmates -_-)

My sister saw it before i did, she came back and said it's good but not so good as Despicable Me

I havent seen Despicable Me so I cannot compare but I like Monster University anyway

One of the reasons I like it so much is that I see so much of myself in the big eye of Mike
At the beginning of the movie it shows Mike at primary school
it is totally me there: always too small to be seen, big-eyed, curious, extra attentive and amazed when people talk
and until he got into university it's still the grown-up version on me: always staying in the hostel to study, love to stay in the library and answer every question, and so.

i dunno if having big eyes means something to others
but it's been meaning so much to me growing up
cause i rmb being called big-eyed from the very beginning of my memory
it's like the symbol of me
even when im typing these lines i got called big-eyed again lol

and being very very small
there's a scene showing mike cannot see what's happening because he's too short in the crowd
i almost cried seeing that, that's a situation always frustrates me growing up
sometimes im too frustrated i just sit down and wait
people with at least normal height probably never experience this feeling
even if it happens some time, it's not the same with it happening every time
im not blaming people not giving me a way, no one else need to be given a way do you see the point
when you are too tiny there're just so many things you cant do but others may never realize your difficulties

what touches me the most is that mike never gets recognized
that's how i feel too, at school, at work, even when i go to dance
i never have the qualities that people look for
firstly im smaller than average kids, secondly i look dark, and others are like tall and white
yet i always stay enthusiastic like an idiot like mike
and some time i do achieve something and get loved by teachers/seniors after some time

oh, and one thing about not being scary
one year at halloween i got a job to distribute leaflets with a demon costume on
like this
and no one thinks i was scary at all
im not a monster my worthiness' not depending on my scariness
but i kinda have a taste of mike's feeling i guess

apart from mike, i like how they end the story
i like how mike has to be kicked out from monster university which he has always dreamed to get in
but still be able to find his way to success at the end
some people would probably think it's the end of their world if they were in mike's position
this story tells us that you dun have to follow strictly what you always believe to be your way coz there's no absolute/only way to success and as long as you stay hopeful and grab every opportunity available you'll achieve your goal in the end :)

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