Thursday, 4 July 2013

Quick review on Nokia Lumia 520


I was struggling between light blue and white then finally settled with white

First question, why Nokia
I've always been a die-heart fan of Nokia, in the past it was because im so used to its system
but in the past few years Nokia's been changing its system too so it seems no longer my excuse not shifting away
generally I like its renowned durability, long-lasting battery-life, affordable price, and simple yet handsome look

What it surprises me
well first it must be the window 8 system
i guess window 8 on phone is easier to use than on computer (coz i still havent got used to my window 8 computer at office)
the squares make things looks so tidy like the ikea display room
one little surprise is that it now has a lot more smileys, and when you try to type :P it doesnt force you to use those Nokia cracked faces but just remains :P
i like that it has much more apps than ovi store (like, i finally have line and twitter apps on my phone)
and im trying out the "Learn German" one and some photo editing ones
and the IE here makes much more sense than the web browser on my previous C500
the camera is not perfect, but definitely satisfactory at this price
the graphics on the loading page actually look cute (never seen such kind of things in nokia before)
and despite of its size, it's rather light

What it disappoints me
the first point is not really its fault, but its a bit too big for my hands
and when i text i needa hold it with both hands to prevent it from falling
texting is what really i dun like, the chinese input is ridiculous
they put traditional and simplified chinese together so when you try to type you have to choose from double quantities of words
since the stroke method seems to have changed (the ways you input some words change), and some words seem to have gone, so i decided to learn changjie which is actually a good thing but the point is, GIMME BACK THE OLD STROKE INPUT!
i did say that I like the smileys, but the whatsapp is driving me crazy coz it doesnt show the real whatsapp emoji, so you gotta guess which Nokia face represents which whatsapp emoji
when you send out the Nokia face it suddenly becomes whatsapp emoji, and that's kinda stupid
it troubles me a lot because sometimes those faces give you little clue and i have been sending out wrong emoji to my friends which SUCKS lol
it still hasnt had instagram (so i still dun have) but i start to get used to being isolated from the world so it's ok (though I'm still hoping they're gonna have it soon)
but what makes me really, really mad is its sound
I'm basically fed on the beatles every day but it doesnt seem to produce bass or what, i mean, one side of the earphone is always silent, no matter i play songs, youtube, or "Learn German"
and I've tried with other earphones so it should be the phone itself
still not sure whether it only happens to me though, but hell no are you kidding me, like when I play "Anna" there's only music with no vocal and that's creepy lol

despite of these, I still like it a lot because now I can tweet in bed and skype without sticking with my desk (which seems common sense to a lot of people i know)
I'm gonna bring it to a techni support to see if anything can be done...

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