Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Luxy Sisters inspired: Longer Ponytail and Braided Wrap-around Ponytail

I watched Mimi's tutorial on how to create a longer ponytail yesterday so this morning i decided to give it a try
here's what happened (say it in Adrian Monk's manner)
well i guess it's a bit too long for people who already have quite long hair lol
and as for the fanning out part
i flipped it over from below which helps fanning out more evenly

as it's kinda weird to wear such a long ponytail out
i did another hair do taught by Mimi (yes i love her very much)

and here it is

normally i make a higher ponytail for it but today it just turns out to be like that
(guess my hair is long enough anyway lol)

time to trim some hair end perhaps

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