Friday, 13 September 2013

Trip to Osaka, Japan

  Me and my family went to Osaka, Japan from 30 Aug to 4 Sep this year. I was very reluctant at first because Japan seems very dangerous to me with all those natural disasters and radioactiveness recently, but my sister insisted that we should go Japan, so.

  It was not one of my most dream-coming-true trips because I was still too angry about the being forced to go Japan thing that I didnt participate in the planning. But you know, suspension is what makes the surprise a surprise at the end, so all those days I was just following where-ever they went, having no idea what I was doing, not like "oh yea this is this place I've read and that is that restaurant I've been so looking forward to" that attitude.

  But still, Japan is a wonderful place beyond doubt, and I'm still glad that we went there. Below are some photos of me and my sis during the trip, being as random and posing as always.

Day 1

  Well this is not practically day 1, because the first day we arrived in Japan it was already like 6pm, so we didnt do much except having dinner. Let's count that as day 0, and on the first full day we went to Kyoto to see those beautiful Japanese antique temples that you normally find on Kyoto postcards.

When I was younger I watched Japanese cartoons like Momoko and the characters in them often go to these temples to practise this, so here I was trying my best to imitate them :P

We were trying to do a ponche... but, well, sometimes the world's more beautiful when you just see part of it ;)

Trying to take a picture standing in front of this station name 大丸前 :P

Absolutely in love with this kind of vending machines found in some Japanese restaurants. What's so good about them is, there're pictures and English names of the food items, all you have to do are click the relevant buttons and insert coins, and there you get a ticket and you just give it to the staff. It's so convenient because it avoids misunderstandings between Hong Kong people who dun speak Japanese, and Japanese waiters/chefs who dun understand anything other than Japanese, and you dun even need to count the money coz the machine will do it for you.

Day 2

  On this day we went to a countryside place called Arashiyama, it was literally breath-takingly beautiful.

We actually rode on a special cute train that took us into the mountain and then back out, so we could go over such mountainous areas easily without any hiking. yay

This spot is gonna be epic for my family. While we were waiting for a suitable bus to take us to our next destination for ages, we crossed the road here like a hundred times whenever a bus approaches the bus stops on either sides.

Day 3

  This was the happiest day of the whole trip, because we went to the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Osaka, and for you information, I'm a huge fan of Snoopy of Charlie Brown.

Ok. This photo is irrelevant, but I planned to do a rope braid for that day's look, and here it is before I went crazy and messed it up.

Since I love Snoopy, and that was a rainy day, and I saw some cute kids wearing this before entering the park, and then I saw they're selling this in their souvenir shops, it is inevitable that I became Snoopy itself. My mum had actually brought each of us a transparent raincoat so that we could move freely in rainy weather, but for some reason I just didnt want to put that on, but when I saw this I was like, ok I can put a raincoat on.

Me acting like the normal Snoopy who most of the time just shows his sideview. (Do you get a brief idea of my sis' and my personalities and how we interact in daily life now)

Felt like paradise there. The only imperfection is that those games in the Snoopy studio are mostly for really young kids, which means I coudnt play :( but it's alright though, kids deserve to keep them all to themselves (trying to sound not jealous at all)

Can see that I changed to normal braid afterwards cause it seems to hold better. Ok I know I posed like those 90s people in this photo, but it's alright I guess coz it's already written on my shirt lol This merry-go-round, as you can see, consists of a lot of different kinds of animals, which is cool. The funny thing about this is, my sister chose a giraffe to ride on, which looks exactly the same as the one behind me, and all giraffes here DO NOT MOVE UP AND DOWN like normal merry-go-round do. And she looked absolutely stupid sitting there still, and I was laughing so hard all the way.

This Snoopy skin is really too cool to be missed.

This pink panther can wrap around you with its both arms. I came across some other soft toys that do the same thing before, and every time I cant resist forcing them to hug me because this is just adorable <3

Day 4

Ok, before anything, I bought a pink cap in Japan and I made my father to try it on and he looks like this
And everyone on my facebook agrees that he looks like Chopper in One Piece.

We went to Osaka Castle Park that day and it's a relaxing family day - would be perfect if there were less annoying mosquitoes stinging us. The hair tie I have on my wrist in the first photo, which later i gave it to my sis to tie her hair, I bought in Japan too.

Since everyone on Earth is taking these Kamehameha photos now we thought we just had to give it a try.

Ok, so after taking the above photo, I was pushed away into the universe and now writing this somewhere in M42. Gotta find my way home, see you on Earth, bye!

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