Sunday, 26 May 2013

A postcard from Ukraine

I got this postcard from Ukraine
it looks like some angels standing outside a church in a full moon night
and the angel standing at the front seems to be holding some cups or trophy things

and it says on the back
"The Angels of the St. Isaac's Cathedral Colonnade"

so I google-mapped it and saw the cathedral
it's actually in Saint-Petersburg of Russia instead of Ukraine
and it follows that it's actually an orthodox cathedral instead of a catholic one
(indeed it's the biggest orthodox cathedral in the whole Saint-Petersburg)
photo from google map
that is a scene you can never see in hong kong
such blue and wide and clear sky
and those winter bare trees with snow on branches
but the yellow architecture on the right actually reminds me of christ the king chapel of st. paul's convent
coz it has these yellow walls and columns and dome things
but then i search for the inside of this St. Isaac Cathedral's insde
it's another thing and omg it's so so so so so beautiful
photo from internet

the angels on the postcard stand on the right hand top of the cathedral in the photo
in hong kong churches are all surrounded by skyscrapers
but here the angels seem to overlook the whole town
and wherever you are, when you look up you'll see the angels watching you
then you'll behave better and when you got bullied you'll know the angels see it and know it
(i just imagine :P, perhaps not really like this)

the church was built in memory of a saint called Isaac of Dalmatic
he's actually quite an early man
so early his wiki page mentions arianism and nicene

i just wish someday i can come here

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

pink pencil

my old pencil has broken down
so i decided to buy a new one
but dunno why every pencil i saw in the stationary store looked so ugly to me
except this

i didnt mean to buy a pink one
but then i thought it'd actually be quite cute to have an all pink pencil
which even writes out pink

it works just like normal pencil
ok for me to do little notes for myself
but if i bring it to tutor kids and have to write a lot
it's a bit too light
so im thinking about getting a purple one

happy 520 to everybody <3
5-2-0 sounds like "i love you" in mandarin
and i think it's sweet to start using a pink pencil on this sweet day :)

Monday, 20 May 2013


i got this capsule toy today
it's a lil turtle in a container like how we keep it as a pet
on the paper enclosed it says that this one is a "Malacochersus tornieri"
(the scanned enclosed paper introducing the turtle)
and there are altogether 9 kinds of them in the whole series
the others are these
picture from "small toys" facebook page
like, every time when there're turtle capsule toys out i got crazy about them
coz i just love turtles and if i cant keep the real ones as pets i can at least get the toy ones

and this time they're especially cute coz they actually come in containers with furniture and stuff
like you're really keeping them

guess im getting more of these in the following days

Sunday, 19 May 2013


from google map

this is my jogging path today:
from aberdeen promenade to wong chuk hang recreation ground
i started at around 21:45 and it took around half an hour
(i had to run slowly because i just ate at 9)
it was kind of horrible in the industrial area at night when only few people are there
imagine this at around 22:00, image from google map
it's like some gun games like cs or battlefield or bioharzard or rainbow 6 in which the girls with long braided hair, in tight tank tops, shorts, and small flat black bags tied on the body have to run around
and i was then being one of those cool girls B-)  (except im much less cool)

after i reached the recreation ground i jogged around the football courts there
there was one car park thing at a corner
from google map
during my last lap around the courts, i peeped inside this car park and saw a little kitten
it was so cute i stopped to gaze
then a big dog inside started to bark
so i walked away quickly

my opinion is
though being a battlefield girl was exciting
either i'll run this path again with company
or i'll do it earlier in time

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Top Dogs datestamped first day cover with stamp set

Yes, so...
I know I've been spending a bit too much lately
but I promise that at least I'm not getting any more overseas stamps very soon

I like how all these doggy stamps worth the same price
coz most of the time when new stamps are issued, there're usually only one image for each value
for instance, in "My pet and I" (Hong Kong), $1.4 - dog, $1.8 - cat, $2.5 - turtle
well they did have all horoscopes all for $1.4, but it happens very occasionally
i'm not saying that all animals/dogs should worth the same so the stamps should be so too
coz obviously the values of the stamps have nothing to do the with the values of the animals on them
what i'm saying is, like when I like the turtle stamp best but it's $2.5
if i want to mail to local friends with it im bound to pay more than im required to
i dun really mind several cents, just that it's kinda stupid

I bought this obviously is mostly because i love dogs (like all other animals)
and among them i like king charles spaniel most
they're just like big-eyed little girls wearing bunches with curly hair

but i wonder why all "top dogs" here are small dogs:
Miniature Schnauzer and dachshund, King Charles Spaniel, Pug, and Australian Terrier
why are there no big dogs in the ranking?

I see that Australia post has also issued kangaroos stamps
and Royal Mail of UK has issued Jane Austin stamps which are really really lovely
I have no more money so let's hope that I will receive some of these cute stamps from kind and generous postcrossers :P

Monday, 13 May 2013

Royal milk coffee & SpongeBob Jelly Gum


Went to McDonald and tried this one
I think I was mostly attracted by its minty/baby blue poster
(I cant find the poster any where on the internet so just print screen the mccafe's website)
with those crowns and lace it was very visually appealing

As for the taste, I'm not a coffee expert and I'm not pretending to be one
to me it was quite nice but usually i prefer something with heavier proportion of milk and less coffee
this one is not as milky as latte or flat white, and my stomach's not really good enough for this
but, i really like the crown topping and i may actually go get my second cup just for it despite my stomach's protest

SpongeBob SquarePants Jelly Gum

I found this in a candy shop and i had to get this
i just love this freaking cute sponge guy

they actually have green ones with another pose of spongebob
but i especially like him with this facial expression
he is just so cute with his big bright watery eyes

and when i open it, the candies inside are like tttttttttthese
can you believe this LOL

well, just in case any one wonders
the candies actually smell and taste like this toothpaste 

though it says on the packaging that it has natural favours and natural colours
i guess you'd better not eat too much coz, after i took the photo with the candies on a tissue paper
the places where they lay were left yellow
i mean, if you eat too much all your gut will be dyed yellow
and that's kinda horrible

and, help, my fingers have been smelling like colgate for hours now ._.
how am i ever gonna get rid of that

I'm weeping now cause the lovely weekend has passed
and it's gonna be Monday once I open my eyes in a few hours
but the good news is that it's gonna be a short week cause
thanks to Siddhartha Gautama for establishing the Buddhism faith,
it's gonna be Buddha's birthday on Friday, 
and here in Hong Kong it's a public holiday


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

My favourite love quote from "The Nightingale and the Rose" by Oscar Wilde
thanks all mothers for their sacrificial and selfless love :')

p.s.: i learn it from dragoart
sorry for the small wing

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ocean Park Polar Adventure Postcards/ high bun

Although it was raining cats and dogs and I had no umbrella
Although I only squeezed out a very short time to rush to the post office
Although I was carrying real heavy things, 
wanted to die to escape my severe headache and menstruation pain
I managed to get to a post office somehow
posted my beautifully decorated postcards
and bought these

and everything was worth ;')

I know I sound crazy
but it's actually normal for anyone who loves Ocean Park and animals and postcards like me

Whoever receive these babies with so much love of mine are blessed

and oh. my. gosh.
yesterday I said "koala datestamp", it was a silly mistake
it's actually a koala cachet
a cachet is a chop that doesnt seal the stamps
and you can chop as much as you want
and this koala cachet, I promise, is REAL CUTE
I've sent one for my friend, one for my boyfriend, one for my sis, and one for myself
I got cute "My Pet and I" stamps for them and I'm sure theirs are gonna be real cute with
koala cachet + pet stamp + kangaroo postmark
and I'm really jealous because I got myself the chinese new year dragon stamp
and can you imagine how strange it's gonna be ._.

photo from DulceCandy87's facebook page

the second thing i want to talk about is my hair today
I love Dulce Candy's high bun as much as she herself loves it
so I recreated it for myself today and I think I was pretty successful
just that my head aches too much today I had to undo it as soon as I got home
so I couldnt take a record of it
hoping that I will be equally successful next time I try it

Dulce Candy is actually one of my favourite beauty gurus on youtube
mostly because while many people only look for beauty in tall pale girls
she proves that petite girls with beige skin can stun
and her beauty tips are especially helpful for other petite beige girls like me

seriously, who doesnt love a high bun?

Thursday, 9 May 2013


(should've drawn sexy shoulders for myself lol)

i know it sounds creepy, but i always think that i look like an alien with my round head, huge dark eyes and pointed chin

and i'm an environmentally friendly alien ;)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

brown theme

Postage Prepaid Picture Cards
Hong Kong Baptist University School of Chinese Medicine - Lui Seng Chun

I went to the post office to get the stamps, datedstamp first day cover and these cards
i dun really like the stamps because the little stamps are too small for these buildings
and you can hardly see the details of the structures - which add appreciative values to the architectures
on the other hand, these pictures are bigger, 
though i wish they showed the real buildings instead of their models

when you needa send out postcards to people from other countries
you dun wanna always send the Victoria Habour view ones
but you can hardly find cards with local elements other than that
so whenever hongkongpost issues postcards like these, I just have to go get some
with these cards you can tell people more than just "We have a beautiful harbour" or "Hong Kong is a busy city full of skyscrapers" 
and I think they make a lot of sense making this set of cards stand up

remember a few years ago, when they tried to demolish King Yin Lei, a beautiful antique building
how my heart ached when i saw how violently they demolished it tile by tile

after going to the post office i went to a hala store called Jo Jo's Kebab, Pizza and Curry at Central no. 7 pier
I ordered a vege Kebab and it was soooooooooooo delicious
definitely recommend it when you hang around that area

hair of today

this is the leopard bow from h&m which is one of my april favourite
and underneath that I fishtail braid it
i figure out that you cant get too wrong with a bow and some kind of braid

Mother's Day's round the corner
time to think about what shall be done about it lol

Monday, 6 May 2013

Oedipus the King by Hong Kong Theatre Works


So I went to see this Oedipus the King by Hong Kong Theatre Works today
I've never seen their production before
nor have I ever heard of them
The venue was North District Town Hall Auditorium, which is very far from me
but thanks to MTR it only takes like 1.5 hr to travel across Hong Kong

I went there with two friends, as I mentioned in the previous entry
We took the theatre course together in year 2
and the teacher actually played us some videos of companies performing this in class
Greek tragedies were played by actors with masks on
so seeing live masked actors is actually one of the things I most looked forward to
and of course, it is always intriguing to see how classical plays are moded and played on a Hong Kong stage

Before the play started I saw a lot of junior secondary school students there
It surprised me very much because I didnt expect such young students would be interested in it
We were guessing maybe their school had encouraged/required them to come
anyway it is always good for children/teenagers to have a chance to appreciate classics

The play started with the actors walking out with their masks in hands solemnly
forming a circle, facing inside, then putting on the masks together
and when it ended, they took off their masks in the same way
i wonder if it's a kind of ritual originated from ancient Greece (i know, i should've paid more attention in class)
Back in those days when tragedies were played in huge theatres that could contain an audience greater than ten thousands, it's necessary to put on masks to exaagerate the face of the actors
it seemed to me like when the actors put their masks on, they are no longer themselves, but the characters
when they put it down, they come back to themselves again 
I didnt have a chance to ask the people from HKTW why they only had half-masks instead of the full ones
but i guess it's partly due to the small size of the current audience
besides, unlike the traditional ones these masks are irregular in shape and have different colous
they remind me of Sichuan masks :P

The whole play was performed by altogether 5 actors
while it has like 9 or 10 characters
to be honest, I thought there were more - I mean, I didn't notice some characters were actually the same people
of course it's partly because the actors have put on masks
but they even have different ways to speak, walk, gesture, and all those
Since I didnt keep the booklet, I still cant tell who's who, so

and about the tragedy itself
some people say it's about Oedipus facing his fate bravely
like when at the end he realises that he's the guilty guy he himself is looking for
he doesnt escape, but accepts the fate and punishes himself

i dun think it's about that
i think it's about how one's personality determines his fate
it's solely because Oedipus's determination/stubbornness to find out the truth
that it ultimately leads to his own sorrowful end
if he doesnt insist that much, like, he gives up the finding at some point of the thing,
listens to the prophet, doesnt send for the shepherd, or returns to Corinth to succeed his kingship
then he'd not have to reveal the horrible facts himself
and would not have to blind himself and leave the city

one thing i dun understand is
if jocasta is Oedipus' wife, how come she doesnt notice the old wounds on his feet before the shepherd from Corinth talked about this?

Generally I like this show very much, especially the performing part
If they put on some other Greek tragedies or even Shakespeare or some other classical works,
I'd definitely be glad to go see it

Sunday, 5 May 2013


I went to mass today and it was a great one
the Father was talking about the concept of trinity
i hope i didnt get him wrong
what i understood was like, Father is like the author
Son the words, and Spirit the interpretation

and i think it's very clever

it actually makes me miss people like Irenaeus and Tertullian

perhaps i should read "History of Christian Thought" all over