Monday, 16 September 2013

Waterfall braid on my friend

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so my friend Jamie and I went to Repulse bay to enjoy the last bit of the summer.
I did this waterfall braid on her. I didnt have any tools with me (you can see I even have to use this kind of hair tie instead of a rubber band), so it really wasnt perfect.
But we still liked it a lot.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Trip to Osaka, Japan

  Me and my family went to Osaka, Japan from 30 Aug to 4 Sep this year. I was very reluctant at first because Japan seems very dangerous to me with all those natural disasters and radioactiveness recently, but my sister insisted that we should go Japan, so.

  It was not one of my most dream-coming-true trips because I was still too angry about the being forced to go Japan thing that I didnt participate in the planning. But you know, suspension is what makes the surprise a surprise at the end, so all those days I was just following where-ever they went, having no idea what I was doing, not like "oh yea this is this place I've read and that is that restaurant I've been so looking forward to" that attitude.

  But still, Japan is a wonderful place beyond doubt, and I'm still glad that we went there. Below are some photos of me and my sis during the trip, being as random and posing as always.

Day 1

  Well this is not practically day 1, because the first day we arrived in Japan it was already like 6pm, so we didnt do much except having dinner. Let's count that as day 0, and on the first full day we went to Kyoto to see those beautiful Japanese antique temples that you normally find on Kyoto postcards.

When I was younger I watched Japanese cartoons like Momoko and the characters in them often go to these temples to practise this, so here I was trying my best to imitate them :P

We were trying to do a ponche... but, well, sometimes the world's more beautiful when you just see part of it ;)

Trying to take a picture standing in front of this station name 大丸前 :P

Absolutely in love with this kind of vending machines found in some Japanese restaurants. What's so good about them is, there're pictures and English names of the food items, all you have to do are click the relevant buttons and insert coins, and there you get a ticket and you just give it to the staff. It's so convenient because it avoids misunderstandings between Hong Kong people who dun speak Japanese, and Japanese waiters/chefs who dun understand anything other than Japanese, and you dun even need to count the money coz the machine will do it for you.

Day 2

  On this day we went to a countryside place called Arashiyama, it was literally breath-takingly beautiful.

We actually rode on a special cute train that took us into the mountain and then back out, so we could go over such mountainous areas easily without any hiking. yay

This spot is gonna be epic for my family. While we were waiting for a suitable bus to take us to our next destination for ages, we crossed the road here like a hundred times whenever a bus approaches the bus stops on either sides.

Day 3

  This was the happiest day of the whole trip, because we went to the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Osaka, and for you information, I'm a huge fan of Snoopy of Charlie Brown.

Ok. This photo is irrelevant, but I planned to do a rope braid for that day's look, and here it is before I went crazy and messed it up.

Since I love Snoopy, and that was a rainy day, and I saw some cute kids wearing this before entering the park, and then I saw they're selling this in their souvenir shops, it is inevitable that I became Snoopy itself. My mum had actually brought each of us a transparent raincoat so that we could move freely in rainy weather, but for some reason I just didnt want to put that on, but when I saw this I was like, ok I can put a raincoat on.

Me acting like the normal Snoopy who most of the time just shows his sideview. (Do you get a brief idea of my sis' and my personalities and how we interact in daily life now)

Felt like paradise there. The only imperfection is that those games in the Snoopy studio are mostly for really young kids, which means I coudnt play :( but it's alright though, kids deserve to keep them all to themselves (trying to sound not jealous at all)

Can see that I changed to normal braid afterwards cause it seems to hold better. Ok I know I posed like those 90s people in this photo, but it's alright I guess coz it's already written on my shirt lol This merry-go-round, as you can see, consists of a lot of different kinds of animals, which is cool. The funny thing about this is, my sister chose a giraffe to ride on, which looks exactly the same as the one behind me, and all giraffes here DO NOT MOVE UP AND DOWN like normal merry-go-round do. And she looked absolutely stupid sitting there still, and I was laughing so hard all the way.

This Snoopy skin is really too cool to be missed.

This pink panther can wrap around you with its both arms. I came across some other soft toys that do the same thing before, and every time I cant resist forcing them to hug me because this is just adorable <3

Day 4

Ok, before anything, I bought a pink cap in Japan and I made my father to try it on and he looks like this
And everyone on my facebook agrees that he looks like Chopper in One Piece.

We went to Osaka Castle Park that day and it's a relaxing family day - would be perfect if there were less annoying mosquitoes stinging us. The hair tie I have on my wrist in the first photo, which later i gave it to my sis to tie her hair, I bought in Japan too.

Since everyone on Earth is taking these Kamehameha photos now we thought we just had to give it a try.

Ok, so after taking the above photo, I was pushed away into the universe and now writing this somewhere in M42. Gotta find my way home, see you on Earth, bye!

Friday, 23 August 2013

Postcrossing exhibit August Waning: Scenery Worldwide

I didnt write a lot in the past few weeks because I'm really too exhausted
I even missed out the august waxing exhibit, but anyway this is it.
the theme of this fortnight is Scenery Worldwide and since I've accumulated too many cards I decided to display six cards together this time.

To start with, the top left hand corner one is, of course, my favourite.
Firstly, it's liverpool and it's a yellow submarine and what do they mean? the beatles of course.
I have never been to Liverpool before although I've decided that someday I must do so since it's where the beatles are from. (This card's from Canada though)
and look at the back
this postcrosser has been nice enough to give me so many Spongebob stickers.
and you know what, beatles + spongebob = i'm in heaven already
Really really thank you so much darupunkangel from Canada!

In the middle on the top row is a card entitled "Arizona Dust Devil"
I had no idea what it is when i first saw it
then at the back it has a brief introduction "Nothing says Arizona more than heat and dust. Dust devils are created when air near the surface becomes much warmer than the air above."
So basically it's a harmless whirlwind of sand
i think it's quite cute coz my parents who used to live on boats when they were really young said that similar things happen on the sea too
it's like sometimes the nature feels a bit bored it needs to stretch out and show off its beauty

Moving to the right its a small windmill cottage (I dun even know how to call this type of cute house :P)
it's from Sweden. i feel so lucky because its postcard id is 5444 which means only 5444 postcards have been sent out from Sweden so far and i'm lucky enough to get one (think about the whole number of all postcrossing postcards and thus the proportion!)
the stamp coming along with the postcard is also very special
no doubt it is very beautiful itself
and if you look close enough (dunno if it shows in the camera) there's a circular invisible postchop on it

the card at bottom left is actually not really a photo but a drawing
but it's so realistic so i count it as a scenery
according to the generous postcrosser it's Rome 150 years ago
she says the place is still pretty much the same today if the shops are not counted
i feel so impressed because here in hong kong places change so quickly that you may not be able to recognize the same place even after 10 years

The card in the middle at the bottom is from Hämeenlinna of Finland
I do not know much about this city except what Wikipedia can tell
but it looks like an environmentally-friendly and tranquil place to live in :)
the postcrosser wanted me to take notice to the stamp stuck on it
she says its the townhall of her hometown Mikkeli.
oh, dun google it, you'll be so jealous of the people born there. it's such a nice place.

So the last card of this fortnight. it's a beautiful huge tree
It is from Yaroslavl of Russia
It doesnt mention whether the tree's from the city
but it's a handsome strong tree anyway :)

Wow. Thank you so much again postcrossers worldwide.
I'm looking forward to your postcards. Tell me what you want me to write about if you're writing to me :P
Meanwhile, it makes it so difficult to look for good enough postcards and stamps to send out.

Happy Postcrossing!

Attempting Sansa Stark's hairstyle: failure


a friend of mine tagged me this and wanted me to give it a try
honestly it doesnt look difficult
but the challenge is to make both sides symmetrical
in terms of how much hair you take (the width of the braids), how long you frenchbraid, and how close the braids are to the parting

this is how things would turn out to be - -
(wait till i make it nicer i'll try curl the end)
and i did a little bit of variation: i lace-braided it instead of normal frenchbraid

but i like how it looks when coiling two braids around each other

Monday, 19 August 2013

Waterfall braid

I have been trying to do the waterfall braid so many times but a lot of times im just not satisfied and removed it to do something else
but today is the first time I did it well enough Im confident to wear it out
heheee please do ignore the background and my stupid snoopy face
definitely gonna practise lots more and hopefully i can make it better and better ;)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monster University

I have been looking so forward to Monster University not because I'm a fan of Monster Inc. but that one of the students I tutor has been urging me to take her to see it since January (though at last she went with her classmates -_-)

My sister saw it before i did, she came back and said it's good but not so good as Despicable Me

I havent seen Despicable Me so I cannot compare but I like Monster University anyway

One of the reasons I like it so much is that I see so much of myself in the big eye of Mike
At the beginning of the movie it shows Mike at primary school
it is totally me there: always too small to be seen, big-eyed, curious, extra attentive and amazed when people talk
and until he got into university it's still the grown-up version on me: always staying in the hostel to study, love to stay in the library and answer every question, and so.

i dunno if having big eyes means something to others
but it's been meaning so much to me growing up
cause i rmb being called big-eyed from the very beginning of my memory
it's like the symbol of me
even when im typing these lines i got called big-eyed again lol

and being very very small
there's a scene showing mike cannot see what's happening because he's too short in the crowd
i almost cried seeing that, that's a situation always frustrates me growing up
sometimes im too frustrated i just sit down and wait
people with at least normal height probably never experience this feeling
even if it happens some time, it's not the same with it happening every time
im not blaming people not giving me a way, no one else need to be given a way do you see the point
when you are too tiny there're just so many things you cant do but others may never realize your difficulties

what touches me the most is that mike never gets recognized
that's how i feel too, at school, at work, even when i go to dance
i never have the qualities that people look for
firstly im smaller than average kids, secondly i look dark, and others are like tall and white
yet i always stay enthusiastic like an idiot like mike
and some time i do achieve something and get loved by teachers/seniors after some time

oh, and one thing about not being scary
one year at halloween i got a job to distribute leaflets with a demon costume on
like this
and no one thinks i was scary at all
im not a monster my worthiness' not depending on my scariness
but i kinda have a taste of mike's feeling i guess

apart from mike, i like how they end the story
i like how mike has to be kicked out from monster university which he has always dreamed to get in
but still be able to find his way to success at the end
some people would probably think it's the end of their world if they were in mike's position
this story tells us that you dun have to follow strictly what you always believe to be your way coz there's no absolute/only way to success and as long as you stay hopeful and grab every opportunity available you'll achieve your goal in the end :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Luxy Sisters inspired: Longer Ponytail and Braided Wrap-around Ponytail

I watched Mimi's tutorial on how to create a longer ponytail yesterday so this morning i decided to give it a try
here's what happened (say it in Adrian Monk's manner)
well i guess it's a bit too long for people who already have quite long hair lol
and as for the fanning out part
i flipped it over from below which helps fanning out more evenly

as it's kinda weird to wear such a long ponytail out
i did another hair do taught by Mimi (yes i love her very much)

and here it is

normally i make a higher ponytail for it but today it just turns out to be like that
(guess my hair is long enough anyway lol)

time to trim some hair end perhaps

Postcrossing exhibit July Waning: The Artistic Fortnight

The Artistic Fortnight

The ballet card is from Australia
Ballet cards are one of the categories I request in my profile because, simply, I dance ballet and I love it
I love this one very much not only because the colours match harmonically (not even talking about the beautiful alignments of the dancers)
but also I think the combination of grand elegant theatre ballet and urban worn-out streetview with irregular graffiti on the wall creates a magical mix-and-match effect

dear postcrossers, if you see my note here, and it happens that you have this kind of cards on hand, please mail me one :P

moving onto the girl with a fan at the top right hand corner
needless to say, it's certainly an impressionist painting
and it's Renoir, to be exact
i like Renoir a lot (ok im not an art major so i cant pretend by talking with those jargons)
he often draws girls/ladies in such a romantic way that i cant help wondering how he used to look at girls
and it's from Latvia

at the bottom left it's, if you cant already tell, vincent van gogh, travelling all the way from Germany
it's a sower with setting sun
i believe i read it somewhere that it's inspired by a painting of sower by Millet
tho when you see van gogh the touches of brush means like everything
and no one ever sees the sun so bright and the blue so vivid as he did
i love how he placed the man small in the corner and fill the space with a diagonal tree trunk
(from now on Millet's always seems like a cropped-out and van gogh's the whole picture)

last but not least the "Annunciation after Titian" by Richter from the Netherlands at bottom right
it looks like some renaissance painting but really a modern one inspired by a renaissance one
(ok please google it for more information since im not an art critic)
this new one is much more dreamy and blurred and less dimensional than the original one
the original black smoke that comes along with the angel becomes creamy in colour
and you cant really see the background in the new one
it looks like an old (it was produced in 1973) way to filter an image if you ask me

so much for this time
hope you enjoy them as much as i do :)

The previous postcrossing exhibit : The Fortnight of Fauna

Friday, 5 July 2013


Im suddenly so worried about my eyes
There is (at least seems to be) nothing right now
but I start to grow concerns about the whole contact lens thing
I just cant help imagining how bacteria grow on them
and how bacteria enter my eyes x_x

guess I should trust the defense mechanisms the nature provides us more
or at least, how protease works

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's still so scary
whenever i start to feel fear it's difficult to calm down

ai, i've decided to only wear one-day contact lenses from now on
and wear them as few as possible

ai or i should go do laser instead

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Postcrossing exhibit July Waxing

in case anyone wonders, i took this with my Nokia Lumia 520, not bad, huh?

This is how I spice up my little area at office
In the past I just change the postcards whenever and however I feel like
but from now on I'll change it every fortnight with a theme
and Waxing means first half of the month, and Waning will be the second half

July Waxing is the fortnight of Fauna
the sleeping cat and lion make great contrast with the round-eyed wide awake owl in the centre
the two at the bottom are sent by my friend from Taipei
the snake one is actually the entry ticket to the postal museum which i think is a cool idea
the one with two cats is from a place called "Hou-tong the cat village" in Taipei
I've been there before too, it's an old-fashioned train station which resides lots of stray cats
a lovely place for taking photos indeed

a photo I took there when I was there September last year

Look forward to more postcards from postcrossers around the world :D

Quick review on Nokia Lumia 520


I was struggling between light blue and white then finally settled with white

First question, why Nokia
I've always been a die-heart fan of Nokia, in the past it was because im so used to its system
but in the past few years Nokia's been changing its system too so it seems no longer my excuse not shifting away
generally I like its renowned durability, long-lasting battery-life, affordable price, and simple yet handsome look

What it surprises me
well first it must be the window 8 system
i guess window 8 on phone is easier to use than on computer (coz i still havent got used to my window 8 computer at office)
the squares make things looks so tidy like the ikea display room
one little surprise is that it now has a lot more smileys, and when you try to type :P it doesnt force you to use those Nokia cracked faces but just remains :P
i like that it has much more apps than ovi store (like, i finally have line and twitter apps on my phone)
and im trying out the "Learn German" one and some photo editing ones
and the IE here makes much more sense than the web browser on my previous C500
the camera is not perfect, but definitely satisfactory at this price
the graphics on the loading page actually look cute (never seen such kind of things in nokia before)
and despite of its size, it's rather light

What it disappoints me
the first point is not really its fault, but its a bit too big for my hands
and when i text i needa hold it with both hands to prevent it from falling
texting is what really i dun like, the chinese input is ridiculous
they put traditional and simplified chinese together so when you try to type you have to choose from double quantities of words
since the stroke method seems to have changed (the ways you input some words change), and some words seem to have gone, so i decided to learn changjie which is actually a good thing but the point is, GIMME BACK THE OLD STROKE INPUT!
i did say that I like the smileys, but the whatsapp is driving me crazy coz it doesnt show the real whatsapp emoji, so you gotta guess which Nokia face represents which whatsapp emoji
when you send out the Nokia face it suddenly becomes whatsapp emoji, and that's kinda stupid
it troubles me a lot because sometimes those faces give you little clue and i have been sending out wrong emoji to my friends which SUCKS lol
it still hasnt had instagram (so i still dun have) but i start to get used to being isolated from the world so it's ok (though I'm still hoping they're gonna have it soon)
but what makes me really, really mad is its sound
I'm basically fed on the beatles every day but it doesnt seem to produce bass or what, i mean, one side of the earphone is always silent, no matter i play songs, youtube, or "Learn German"
and I've tried with other earphones so it should be the phone itself
still not sure whether it only happens to me though, but hell no are you kidding me, like when I play "Anna" there's only music with no vocal and that's creepy lol

despite of these, I still like it a lot because now I can tweet in bed and skype without sticking with my desk (which seems common sense to a lot of people i know)
I'm gonna bring it to a techni support to see if anything can be done...

Monday, 24 June 2013

World War Z

I am never a fan of zombie movies or monsters or any sort of those things
(well, things like Monster Inc., are not included here)
coz I'm so easily scared and I get no excitement from being freaked out
but lately i've been reading the latest issue of Philosophy Now which talks about zombie problems
so I decided to watch it to learn more about the issue

before we went i didnt expect it to be so scary
i was expecting a couple of zombie scenes near the end of the movie
but whooooooooooar it was much more than that

ok so i was so scared that i closed my eyes from the beginning right to the end so i have no idea what this movie's about except there were talking and screaming
lol joking

as i said above, im never a fan of zombie movies, so i got a number of questions flowing around since i was watching
for example, do zombies die on their own if no one go to kill them?
if they dun, and if there're no more humans in the city, no one ever goes in it and no zombies are ever allowed to come out, will they just keep on walking with their tilted heads, stuck out teeth, and open-too-widely eyes forever, until the day of final judgement or till the sun explodes and destroys earth?
i mean, even if they dun feel pain, wont their bones wear off at the joints, have tooth decay (since they dun seem to have the habit of brushing teeth), and stuff like that?
do they eat at all?
do female zombies still have menstruation? if so, wouldnt it be too disgusting... or are they especially fierce on those days (like female humans do)?
if the women have makeup on when they become zombie, will their skin soon becomes too bad coz i dun see any zombie remove makeup?

ok, those are just questions about zombies themselves, but i keep wondering things about the movie too
first, if zombies are stimulated by sound, should we all carry a little machine that produce sounds then when zombies come we can just throw it off and let the zombies go chase so that we can escape? (you can install songs like the Cranberries' Zombies in it)
second, should the UN distribute every human a good headphone to protect their ears then produce some great great great noise to destroy all zombies' eardrums in order that they become easier to deal with?
third, if people can become immune to zombies, will the UN open cities taken all by zombies for people to go in to play real life Biohazard (and use the money for remedial purposes)?

oh, and why Korea, Israel, and Belarus (is it?)?

Although most of the time I was very touched by the nice nature of the people in the movie (like, every one seems willing to help instead of selfishly/foolishly create more problems)
i was still upset when the UN has to send Gerry's family away and when the pathogenic stupid ass was shot (was he shot?) and slipped and died
the former was really selfish, i mean, hey, even if gerry's dead, the guy gave his life for you because you had promised to take care of his family
the latter demonstrated that people could sometimes really stupid, and they have to pay high prices for that

one more question, how do they have so many people in scenes like Philly or Israel?
Are they the same actors?

I think I should get stronger and braver, just in case, you know

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Candy Crush Saga

It's been a while now since I stopped playing this game
It was fun I like the music I like the animation
but it really hurts my wrist and finger joints a lot
so I was forced to stop

When I was still playing I was the only one in the family who played it
then I asked my dad who spends a lot of time on computer games every day to join
(so that he can send me lives and stuff :P)
then my mum joined, then my sister joined too
Now I'm the only one who doesnt play it in the house
yet they keep asking me to send them lives

Hope everyone enjoy either playing the game, drawing the saga, eating candies, or having crushes :P

Sunday, 9 June 2013

My twin

This is me and peggy
she's a friend i met in the college
people have been telling us that we look alike
although she has announced that she's kinda sick of me always copying her :P

no we're actually really good friends no matter we look alike or not ;)

Saturday, 1 June 2013

how i style my new headband

I like wearing headbands coz i have millions pieces of baby hair standing straight up
recently i got this pink floral chained braided headband from forever 21
and this has become my go-to hair accessory
because it looks so summery and fun
and it keeps my hair out of my face

this is one of the most typical summer hair-dos
all i did was first tie a high ponytail
then normal braid it (next time i shall try to fishtail braid it)
then wrap it up into a high bun with some hair pins or another plastic band
then put the headband on

one thing i like to do with this hairdo is to create some volume on the crown
then when you put the headband on it looks more puffy
instead of pulling it too tight and making it sleek which i thinks look a bit too formal
well.. unfortunately i didnt do well enough in here

(and the ear rings are from forever 21 as well :P)

the second hairdo i did with the headband is this
its very simple all i did was to spend some time teasing my crown to create volume
since i usually part my hair in the middle, and my hair's quite stubborn about it
it took me another couple of minutes to make it look like this

one thing i did on both days was to keep my top plain and simple
coz i dun want to have too many different patterns on me at a time
on the first day it was a one piece dress with a piece of floral fabric at the bottom
and on the second day i had a white t-shirt and a floral skirt

i shall just keep practising :D

Sunday, 26 May 2013

A postcard from Ukraine

I got this postcard from Ukraine
it looks like some angels standing outside a church in a full moon night
and the angel standing at the front seems to be holding some cups or trophy things

and it says on the back
"The Angels of the St. Isaac's Cathedral Colonnade"

so I google-mapped it and saw the cathedral
it's actually in Saint-Petersburg of Russia instead of Ukraine
and it follows that it's actually an orthodox cathedral instead of a catholic one
(indeed it's the biggest orthodox cathedral in the whole Saint-Petersburg)
photo from google map
that is a scene you can never see in hong kong
such blue and wide and clear sky
and those winter bare trees with snow on branches
but the yellow architecture on the right actually reminds me of christ the king chapel of st. paul's convent
coz it has these yellow walls and columns and dome things
but then i search for the inside of this St. Isaac Cathedral's insde
it's another thing and omg it's so so so so so beautiful
photo from internet

the angels on the postcard stand on the right hand top of the cathedral in the photo
in hong kong churches are all surrounded by skyscrapers
but here the angels seem to overlook the whole town
and wherever you are, when you look up you'll see the angels watching you
then you'll behave better and when you got bullied you'll know the angels see it and know it
(i just imagine :P, perhaps not really like this)

the church was built in memory of a saint called Isaac of Dalmatic
he's actually quite an early man
so early his wiki page mentions arianism and nicene

i just wish someday i can come here