Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Top Dogs datestamped first day cover with stamp set

Yes, so...
I know I've been spending a bit too much lately
but I promise that at least I'm not getting any more overseas stamps very soon

I like how all these doggy stamps worth the same price
coz most of the time when new stamps are issued, there're usually only one image for each value
for instance, in "My pet and I" (Hong Kong), $1.4 - dog, $1.8 - cat, $2.5 - turtle
well they did have all horoscopes all for $1.4, but it happens very occasionally
i'm not saying that all animals/dogs should worth the same so the stamps should be so too
coz obviously the values of the stamps have nothing to do the with the values of the animals on them
what i'm saying is, like when I like the turtle stamp best but it's $2.5
if i want to mail to local friends with it im bound to pay more than im required to
i dun really mind several cents, just that it's kinda stupid

I bought this obviously is mostly because i love dogs (like all other animals)
and among them i like king charles spaniel most
they're just like big-eyed little girls wearing bunches with curly hair

but i wonder why all "top dogs" here are small dogs:
Miniature Schnauzer and dachshund, King Charles Spaniel, Pug, and Australian Terrier
why are there no big dogs in the ranking?

I see that Australia post has also issued kangaroos stamps
and Royal Mail of UK has issued Jane Austin stamps which are really really lovely
I have no more money so let's hope that I will receive some of these cute stamps from kind and generous postcrossers :P

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