Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monster University

I have been looking so forward to Monster University not because I'm a fan of Monster Inc. but that one of the students I tutor has been urging me to take her to see it since January (though at last she went with her classmates -_-)

My sister saw it before i did, she came back and said it's good but not so good as Despicable Me

I havent seen Despicable Me so I cannot compare but I like Monster University anyway

One of the reasons I like it so much is that I see so much of myself in the big eye of Mike
At the beginning of the movie it shows Mike at primary school
it is totally me there: always too small to be seen, big-eyed, curious, extra attentive and amazed when people talk
and until he got into university it's still the grown-up version on me: always staying in the hostel to study, love to stay in the library and answer every question, and so.

i dunno if having big eyes means something to others
but it's been meaning so much to me growing up
cause i rmb being called big-eyed from the very beginning of my memory
it's like the symbol of me
even when im typing these lines i got called big-eyed again lol

and being very very small
there's a scene showing mike cannot see what's happening because he's too short in the crowd
i almost cried seeing that, that's a situation always frustrates me growing up
sometimes im too frustrated i just sit down and wait
people with at least normal height probably never experience this feeling
even if it happens some time, it's not the same with it happening every time
im not blaming people not giving me a way, no one else need to be given a way do you see the point
when you are too tiny there're just so many things you cant do but others may never realize your difficulties

what touches me the most is that mike never gets recognized
that's how i feel too, at school, at work, even when i go to dance
i never have the qualities that people look for
firstly im smaller than average kids, secondly i look dark, and others are like tall and white
yet i always stay enthusiastic like an idiot like mike
and some time i do achieve something and get loved by teachers/seniors after some time

oh, and one thing about not being scary
one year at halloween i got a job to distribute leaflets with a demon costume on
like this
and no one thinks i was scary at all
im not a monster my worthiness' not depending on my scariness
but i kinda have a taste of mike's feeling i guess

apart from mike, i like how they end the story
i like how mike has to be kicked out from monster university which he has always dreamed to get in
but still be able to find his way to success at the end
some people would probably think it's the end of their world if they were in mike's position
this story tells us that you dun have to follow strictly what you always believe to be your way coz there's no absolute/only way to success and as long as you stay hopeful and grab every opportunity available you'll achieve your goal in the end :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Luxy Sisters inspired: Longer Ponytail and Braided Wrap-around Ponytail

I watched Mimi's tutorial on how to create a longer ponytail yesterday so this morning i decided to give it a try
here's what happened (say it in Adrian Monk's manner)
well i guess it's a bit too long for people who already have quite long hair lol
and as for the fanning out part
i flipped it over from below which helps fanning out more evenly

as it's kinda weird to wear such a long ponytail out
i did another hair do taught by Mimi (yes i love her very much)

and here it is

normally i make a higher ponytail for it but today it just turns out to be like that
(guess my hair is long enough anyway lol)

time to trim some hair end perhaps

Postcrossing exhibit July Waning: The Artistic Fortnight

The Artistic Fortnight

The ballet card is from Australia
Ballet cards are one of the categories I request in my profile because, simply, I dance ballet and I love it
I love this one very much not only because the colours match harmonically (not even talking about the beautiful alignments of the dancers)
but also I think the combination of grand elegant theatre ballet and urban worn-out streetview with irregular graffiti on the wall creates a magical mix-and-match effect

dear postcrossers, if you see my note here, and it happens that you have this kind of cards on hand, please mail me one :P

moving onto the girl with a fan at the top right hand corner
needless to say, it's certainly an impressionist painting
and it's Renoir, to be exact
i like Renoir a lot (ok im not an art major so i cant pretend by talking with those jargons)
he often draws girls/ladies in such a romantic way that i cant help wondering how he used to look at girls
and it's from Latvia

at the bottom left it's, if you cant already tell, vincent van gogh, travelling all the way from Germany
it's a sower with setting sun
i believe i read it somewhere that it's inspired by a painting of sower by Millet
tho when you see van gogh the touches of brush means like everything
and no one ever sees the sun so bright and the blue so vivid as he did
i love how he placed the man small in the corner and fill the space with a diagonal tree trunk
(from now on Millet's always seems like a cropped-out and van gogh's the whole picture)

last but not least the "Annunciation after Titian" by Richter from the Netherlands at bottom right
it looks like some renaissance painting but really a modern one inspired by a renaissance one
(ok please google it for more information since im not an art critic)
this new one is much more dreamy and blurred and less dimensional than the original one
the original black smoke that comes along with the angel becomes creamy in colour
and you cant really see the background in the new one
it looks like an old (it was produced in 1973) way to filter an image if you ask me

so much for this time
hope you enjoy them as much as i do :)

The previous postcrossing exhibit : The Fortnight of Fauna

Friday, 5 July 2013


Im suddenly so worried about my eyes
There is (at least seems to be) nothing right now
but I start to grow concerns about the whole contact lens thing
I just cant help imagining how bacteria grow on them
and how bacteria enter my eyes x_x

guess I should trust the defense mechanisms the nature provides us more
or at least, how protease works

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's still so scary
whenever i start to feel fear it's difficult to calm down

ai, i've decided to only wear one-day contact lenses from now on
and wear them as few as possible

ai or i should go do laser instead

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Postcrossing exhibit July Waxing

in case anyone wonders, i took this with my Nokia Lumia 520, not bad, huh?

This is how I spice up my little area at office
In the past I just change the postcards whenever and however I feel like
but from now on I'll change it every fortnight with a theme
and Waxing means first half of the month, and Waning will be the second half

July Waxing is the fortnight of Fauna
the sleeping cat and lion make great contrast with the round-eyed wide awake owl in the centre
the two at the bottom are sent by my friend from Taipei
the snake one is actually the entry ticket to the postal museum which i think is a cool idea
the one with two cats is from a place called "Hou-tong the cat village" in Taipei
I've been there before too, it's an old-fashioned train station which resides lots of stray cats
a lovely place for taking photos indeed

a photo I took there when I was there September last year

Look forward to more postcards from postcrossers around the world :D

Quick review on Nokia Lumia 520


I was struggling between light blue and white then finally settled with white

First question, why Nokia
I've always been a die-heart fan of Nokia, in the past it was because im so used to its system
but in the past few years Nokia's been changing its system too so it seems no longer my excuse not shifting away
generally I like its renowned durability, long-lasting battery-life, affordable price, and simple yet handsome look

What it surprises me
well first it must be the window 8 system
i guess window 8 on phone is easier to use than on computer (coz i still havent got used to my window 8 computer at office)
the squares make things looks so tidy like the ikea display room
one little surprise is that it now has a lot more smileys, and when you try to type :P it doesnt force you to use those Nokia cracked faces but just remains :P
i like that it has much more apps than ovi store (like, i finally have line and twitter apps on my phone)
and im trying out the "Learn German" one and some photo editing ones
and the IE here makes much more sense than the web browser on my previous C500
the camera is not perfect, but definitely satisfactory at this price
the graphics on the loading page actually look cute (never seen such kind of things in nokia before)
and despite of its size, it's rather light

What it disappoints me
the first point is not really its fault, but its a bit too big for my hands
and when i text i needa hold it with both hands to prevent it from falling
texting is what really i dun like, the chinese input is ridiculous
they put traditional and simplified chinese together so when you try to type you have to choose from double quantities of words
since the stroke method seems to have changed (the ways you input some words change), and some words seem to have gone, so i decided to learn changjie which is actually a good thing but the point is, GIMME BACK THE OLD STROKE INPUT!
i did say that I like the smileys, but the whatsapp is driving me crazy coz it doesnt show the real whatsapp emoji, so you gotta guess which Nokia face represents which whatsapp emoji
when you send out the Nokia face it suddenly becomes whatsapp emoji, and that's kinda stupid
it troubles me a lot because sometimes those faces give you little clue and i have been sending out wrong emoji to my friends which SUCKS lol
it still hasnt had instagram (so i still dun have) but i start to get used to being isolated from the world so it's ok (though I'm still hoping they're gonna have it soon)
but what makes me really, really mad is its sound
I'm basically fed on the beatles every day but it doesnt seem to produce bass or what, i mean, one side of the earphone is always silent, no matter i play songs, youtube, or "Learn German"
and I've tried with other earphones so it should be the phone itself
still not sure whether it only happens to me though, but hell no are you kidding me, like when I play "Anna" there's only music with no vocal and that's creepy lol

despite of these, I still like it a lot because now I can tweet in bed and skype without sticking with my desk (which seems common sense to a lot of people i know)
I'm gonna bring it to a techni support to see if anything can be done...