Monday, 24 June 2013

World War Z

I am never a fan of zombie movies or monsters or any sort of those things
(well, things like Monster Inc., are not included here)
coz I'm so easily scared and I get no excitement from being freaked out
but lately i've been reading the latest issue of Philosophy Now which talks about zombie problems
so I decided to watch it to learn more about the issue

before we went i didnt expect it to be so scary
i was expecting a couple of zombie scenes near the end of the movie
but whooooooooooar it was much more than that

ok so i was so scared that i closed my eyes from the beginning right to the end so i have no idea what this movie's about except there were talking and screaming
lol joking

as i said above, im never a fan of zombie movies, so i got a number of questions flowing around since i was watching
for example, do zombies die on their own if no one go to kill them?
if they dun, and if there're no more humans in the city, no one ever goes in it and no zombies are ever allowed to come out, will they just keep on walking with their tilted heads, stuck out teeth, and open-too-widely eyes forever, until the day of final judgement or till the sun explodes and destroys earth?
i mean, even if they dun feel pain, wont their bones wear off at the joints, have tooth decay (since they dun seem to have the habit of brushing teeth), and stuff like that?
do they eat at all?
do female zombies still have menstruation? if so, wouldnt it be too disgusting... or are they especially fierce on those days (like female humans do)?
if the women have makeup on when they become zombie, will their skin soon becomes too bad coz i dun see any zombie remove makeup?

ok, those are just questions about zombies themselves, but i keep wondering things about the movie too
first, if zombies are stimulated by sound, should we all carry a little machine that produce sounds then when zombies come we can just throw it off and let the zombies go chase so that we can escape? (you can install songs like the Cranberries' Zombies in it)
second, should the UN distribute every human a good headphone to protect their ears then produce some great great great noise to destroy all zombies' eardrums in order that they become easier to deal with?
third, if people can become immune to zombies, will the UN open cities taken all by zombies for people to go in to play real life Biohazard (and use the money for remedial purposes)?

oh, and why Korea, Israel, and Belarus (is it?)?

Although most of the time I was very touched by the nice nature of the people in the movie (like, every one seems willing to help instead of selfishly/foolishly create more problems)
i was still upset when the UN has to send Gerry's family away and when the pathogenic stupid ass was shot (was he shot?) and slipped and died
the former was really selfish, i mean, hey, even if gerry's dead, the guy gave his life for you because you had promised to take care of his family
the latter demonstrated that people could sometimes really stupid, and they have to pay high prices for that

one more question, how do they have so many people in scenes like Philly or Israel?
Are they the same actors?

I think I should get stronger and braver, just in case, you know

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