Thursday, 4 July 2013

Postcrossing exhibit July Waxing

in case anyone wonders, i took this with my Nokia Lumia 520, not bad, huh?

This is how I spice up my little area at office
In the past I just change the postcards whenever and however I feel like
but from now on I'll change it every fortnight with a theme
and Waxing means first half of the month, and Waning will be the second half

July Waxing is the fortnight of Fauna
the sleeping cat and lion make great contrast with the round-eyed wide awake owl in the centre
the two at the bottom are sent by my friend from Taipei
the snake one is actually the entry ticket to the postal museum which i think is a cool idea
the one with two cats is from a place called "Hou-tong the cat village" in Taipei
I've been there before too, it's an old-fashioned train station which resides lots of stray cats
a lovely place for taking photos indeed

a photo I took there when I was there September last year

Look forward to more postcards from postcrossers around the world :D

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