Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Postcrossing exhibit July Waning: The Artistic Fortnight

The Artistic Fortnight

The ballet card is from Australia
Ballet cards are one of the categories I request in my profile because, simply, I dance ballet and I love it
I love this one very much not only because the colours match harmonically (not even talking about the beautiful alignments of the dancers)
but also I think the combination of grand elegant theatre ballet and urban worn-out streetview with irregular graffiti on the wall creates a magical mix-and-match effect

dear postcrossers, if you see my note here, and it happens that you have this kind of cards on hand, please mail me one :P

moving onto the girl with a fan at the top right hand corner
needless to say, it's certainly an impressionist painting
and it's Renoir, to be exact
i like Renoir a lot (ok im not an art major so i cant pretend by talking with those jargons)
he often draws girls/ladies in such a romantic way that i cant help wondering how he used to look at girls
and it's from Latvia

at the bottom left it's, if you cant already tell, vincent van gogh, travelling all the way from Germany
it's a sower with setting sun
i believe i read it somewhere that it's inspired by a painting of sower by Millet
tho when you see van gogh the touches of brush means like everything
and no one ever sees the sun so bright and the blue so vivid as he did
i love how he placed the man small in the corner and fill the space with a diagonal tree trunk
(from now on Millet's always seems like a cropped-out and van gogh's the whole picture)

last but not least the "Annunciation after Titian" by Richter from the Netherlands at bottom right
it looks like some renaissance painting but really a modern one inspired by a renaissance one
(ok please google it for more information since im not an art critic)
this new one is much more dreamy and blurred and less dimensional than the original one
the original black smoke that comes along with the angel becomes creamy in colour
and you cant really see the background in the new one
it looks like an old (it was produced in 1973) way to filter an image if you ask me

so much for this time
hope you enjoy them as much as i do :)

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