Friday, 10 January 2014

Why I love Frozen the movie

I'm one of those girls who still watch Disney movies at 23 ok don't judge me :\

But before anything, Frozen is definitely a movie that mature grown-up ladies would love. I mean, look at Elsa and Anna's hairstyles, makeup and costumes. And if you type "frozen" and "tutorial" on the youtube search bar, you'll see how girls from all over the world are trying to recreate their elegant sweet looks.


This is a Disney princess adventure I won't lie. It has its "true love will win at the end" side. But there are still surprises in its plot that make it less Snow White like.

(If you havent watched and you plan to do so I'd advice you not to scroll down :P)

The first thing is Prince Hans. Most of the princesses I knew fall in love with their princes at first sight, and then they'll go through some adventures, and at the end they'll live happy ever after. Well, this Hans first comes out like all other princes I have seen before, looking at Anna with those loving eyes and his gentle smile, but later he turns out to be a power-hungry prince who wants to marry Anna just because he can then later climb to the throne of Arendelle. He makes it clear that it's because Anna wants accompany so bad it becomes easy for him to get near.
He doesnt even bother to save her when she nearly dies. For the first time in forever we can see that love at first sight doesnt have to be true love (I espeically love how Kristoff challenges Anna engaging someone whom she just met for one evening, that's so not Disney), and a prince can be real realistic when it comes to the throne matter.

The second thing is Elsa's personality. Most main characters we know are either perfect brave generous clever heros and heroins who fight their own way out or prudent kind good good girls who unfortunately got caste magic spells by wicked witches or wizards and therefore await the heros to come and save. I have to say Elsa has become a few of my favourite Disney characters particularly because of her fragile (and thus realistic) personality.
She is kind-hearted, beyond doubt, you can tell it by how she refuses to hurt anybody even when Hans' people go to catch her. But at the same time, she is not strong and she is afraid. She goes away from her country not because she is captured by any dragon or what but just because she wants to be free from her fear. You can read her struggles from her song Let It Go.

The ending is a twist too. Anna and Kristoff have been running all the way back to Arendelle so that Anna can get kissed by Hans, whom she thinks is her true love. But it turns out that Hans is a villain. So Anna thinks maybe Kristoff can help, so she runs to him. But at the very end, the true love is the sisterhood between Elsa and Anna, and that saves her life. I mean, unlike those traditional princesses who got kissed and saved by some unknown princes from far away or whom she has just known in the ball, this true love between sisters is way more convincing and valuable. 
It kind of reminds girls from all over the globe that apart from looking forward to some dream-coming-true boys with whom you got to spend a great deal of time and effort to build true love and meanwhile you may have your heart broken, your siblings around you are always loving and reliable companions that you should treasure.

I've been looping the songs in the soundtrack since I watched the movie, and this keeps me constantly in the Frozen mood.
Do you want to build a snowman is one of the favourite for some reasons. It echoes how a girl becomes increasingly disappointed over the years. At the end she becomes very lonely and desperate and gives up trying.
Both versions of Let It Go are my personal favourite. It tells Elsa's feelings when she finally has had enough of hiding her talents and fear of hurting people and as she runs away to the mountains she feels relieved. Among all of the unsung tracks, I love the melody of Vuelie the most.

I have to say one more thing before ending this entry. I particularly love this fat lady that appears in the coronation ball scene. She's so beautiful and eye-catching. Yes fat people exist and they dress up and they go to balls and that's totally alright. Thank you for including her in this ceremony!

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