Friday, 23 August 2013

Postcrossing exhibit August Waning: Scenery Worldwide

I didnt write a lot in the past few weeks because I'm really too exhausted
I even missed out the august waxing exhibit, but anyway this is it.
the theme of this fortnight is Scenery Worldwide and since I've accumulated too many cards I decided to display six cards together this time.

To start with, the top left hand corner one is, of course, my favourite.
Firstly, it's liverpool and it's a yellow submarine and what do they mean? the beatles of course.
I have never been to Liverpool before although I've decided that someday I must do so since it's where the beatles are from. (This card's from Canada though)
and look at the back
this postcrosser has been nice enough to give me so many Spongebob stickers.
and you know what, beatles + spongebob = i'm in heaven already
Really really thank you so much darupunkangel from Canada!

In the middle on the top row is a card entitled "Arizona Dust Devil"
I had no idea what it is when i first saw it
then at the back it has a brief introduction "Nothing says Arizona more than heat and dust. Dust devils are created when air near the surface becomes much warmer than the air above."
So basically it's a harmless whirlwind of sand
i think it's quite cute coz my parents who used to live on boats when they were really young said that similar things happen on the sea too
it's like sometimes the nature feels a bit bored it needs to stretch out and show off its beauty

Moving to the right its a small windmill cottage (I dun even know how to call this type of cute house :P)
it's from Sweden. i feel so lucky because its postcard id is 5444 which means only 5444 postcards have been sent out from Sweden so far and i'm lucky enough to get one (think about the whole number of all postcrossing postcards and thus the proportion!)
the stamp coming along with the postcard is also very special
no doubt it is very beautiful itself
and if you look close enough (dunno if it shows in the camera) there's a circular invisible postchop on it

the card at bottom left is actually not really a photo but a drawing
but it's so realistic so i count it as a scenery
according to the generous postcrosser it's Rome 150 years ago
she says the place is still pretty much the same today if the shops are not counted
i feel so impressed because here in hong kong places change so quickly that you may not be able to recognize the same place even after 10 years

The card in the middle at the bottom is from Hämeenlinna of Finland
I do not know much about this city except what Wikipedia can tell
but it looks like an environmentally-friendly and tranquil place to live in :)
the postcrosser wanted me to take notice to the stamp stuck on it
she says its the townhall of her hometown Mikkeli.
oh, dun google it, you'll be so jealous of the people born there. it's such a nice place.

So the last card of this fortnight. it's a beautiful huge tree
It is from Yaroslavl of Russia
It doesnt mention whether the tree's from the city
but it's a handsome strong tree anyway :)

Wow. Thank you so much again postcrossers worldwide.
I'm looking forward to your postcards. Tell me what you want me to write about if you're writing to me :P
Meanwhile, it makes it so difficult to look for good enough postcards and stamps to send out.

Happy Postcrossing!

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